Lodge Pythagoras, No.34, ( https://www.lozepythagoras.cz):

An attempt to establish a Masonic lodge in Opava was already in 1783. However, for unknown reasons, it was not founded until 1785. In the foundation of the Opava Masonic Lodge „Pythagoras“ the Opava Freemasons Abbot Josef Rotter , the school director Schrämbl and the teacher Sommer were involved; the Grand Master was Major General Philip Ferdinand von Hutten.

The activities of the Opava Masonic Lodge were short-lived, as it was dissolved in the same year by a patent of Joseph II. After the dissolution of the Opava Masonic Lodge, the activities of the Opava Masons came under the protection of the Opava philanthropic society Vereinigung aus Liebe des Naechtens „, as evidenced by the Masonic symbolism of the eye of God and two joined arms used on the seal of this society from 1785.

238 years

The Lodge Pythagoras No. 34 works under the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic (https://www.vlcr.cz),  which is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England, Grande Loge Nationale Française, United Vereinigte Grosslogen von Deutschland, Grossloge von Ősterreich and more than 150 other Grand Lodges.

Lodge meetings take place in Opava regularly. The ritual is performed in Czech language, however many of brethren speak English and other foreign languages.

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With Brotherly greetings

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